Time, Time, Time …

Not so long ago, as you’ll read from my other blog posts, I realised the potential for enhancing student learning through technology. Since then I’ve been busy gathering ideas from others in my PLN on ways to use technology. I’ve observed plenty of great things that happening in classroom by sitting back and watching/listening to my twitter feed. Now that’s all well and good but now I’ve hit a snag. Where do I get the time to integrate all these into my teaching? There’s so much to try but even just sorting through the different tools can take up an age of time and I guess I’m becoming frustrated that I don’t have the time to apply these tools to my teaching.

I get the feeling that the people who are doing it well are spending hours of time finding tools and then implementing them into their teaching. I don’t think I’m doing too badly at it, it’s just the potential for engaging with the students is so great and doing things that help them learn has to be a good thing right? But, where do I find the time to do this without upsetting my family and missing out on life?

On top of that, how do I encourage other members of my staff to try these new things when they already feel they’re strapped for time, and that learning new technologies is only going to burdern them more?And the thought of having to introduce it to their physical education lessons too adds even more time to the mix.

Is it that this is just something we have to do if we want to improve our teaching or, if this the future then should we be allowing more time for professional development and follow up?

I’m really interested in knowing what others who are bit further down the track have gone about it? What’s the process been in your school?