Creative Teaching? Plea for help

More and more I’ve been challenged to make learning engaging and more importantly meaningful. Unfortunately, I feel I’m running dry of ideas for communicating information to students. I don’t know whether it’s the busyness of the start of the new school year or whether I’m feeling pressure to set a standard for the faculty. Is it the delivery of content or is it what I get them to do with it that is important. I’m eager to come up with ideas that work not just for me, but also for those I’m trying to inspire to do things differently.

So, I’m putting it out there and asking for help. What do you do that helps students get the information they need in a way they find helpful, engaging and meaningful?

All suggestions welcome!


4 thoughts on “Creative Teaching? Plea for help

  1. Ask and encourage asking good questions – THE most powerful technology and THE most underused ‘engagement’ strategy.

    Check by Jamie McKenzie and some of his stuff:

    Good luck and enjoy what you do so kids you have in your care do too!

    Tomaz (@lasic on Twitter , done much gassbagging with your mates @jonesytheteachr & @benpaddlejones *wink*)

  2. Thanks Tomaz. I appreciate your passing on those links. I’ve had a brief look at them and can see they’ll be helpful. I was challenged a couple of years ago to think about who is asking the questions in the class because they are most likely the ones doing the learning.

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