Minor breakthrough

As I started with a new stage 6 (year 11) PDHPE class last year I was really keen to try and integrate technology into my teaching in a way that helped not just to engage the students but to assist their learning. My aim was to choose tasks that would allow them to find the answers to questions themselves by analyzing information and organizing their work to allow them to use it effectively.

In the start The students thought some of what we were doing was interesting but they found some of it to be ‘too hard’. Through a number of conversations with the students it was communicated that they’d just prefer to have me give them the information – effectively, to stand out the front of the class and lecture. It wasn’t the type of feedback I was hoping for after planing activities that I thought to be engaging, interesting and helpful in developing good learners.

While discouraged, I wanted to make sure I kept on with my plans but I made some modifications and being very careful in what things I chose to do. I’ve continued with that for the past 12 months and the students have come to accept the method allowing me to ‘push’ a little further.

Last night, we had parent-teacher night with the parents (and some students) from that class. It was very encouraging to hear one of the more vocal opponents of technology admit that he can now see the the worth in what we are doing with technology and that he’s finding it helpful. It was quite unexpected, but welcomed.

It’s given me the encouragement to keep pushing ahead with trying to be innovative in my teaching – not just with technology. It might take some time but the changes will be worthwhile.

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